30 December 2012

Dry Shampoo Reviews | Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

Dry Shampoo Wars

My creative juices really aren't flowing at the moment. Regardless, I present to you...Dry Shampoo Wars, mainly because I am always trying different dry shampoos and I have always come back to the same one! I have a lot of fine hair, and I straighten it quite often because it's well, unmanageable, in any other state. I wash my hair maybe 3 times a week, if that. I use dry shampoo in between to reduce the oil. Since I use it so often, I am always on the hunt for the perfect dry shampoo

The first dry shampoo that I ever used was Batiste which I picked up at Sally's and at the time it was really the only one available on the market, at least where I live. Keep in mind, we don't have a Sephora or an Ulta here (what a jip right?). I used that for a while and then other dry shampoos have popped up on the market and I went on my search.

I have since resigned to the fact that I will probably never try another dry shampoo again. I have tried so many dry shampoos and came out with only 1 that I will continue to use!

Aside from Batiste, the first dry shampoo I tried was:

Got 2 Be - Rockin' It Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo really didn't work for me. I found that too often it left patches of white from the powder and it was just much too difficult to massage or brush it out of my hair. The smell for me was also a negative. It was much too strong and I felt it was too much of hairspray-ish scent, which I can't handle. Also, I used this maybe 1 or 2 times (then the sprayer broke) which then ended my use of the product. The size of this product is 208 ml and it's probably about $6-$8.

Gosh Fresh Up! Dry Shampoo

This was the next one that I had tried and for me, it felt horrible in my hair. I had picked this up based on a few reviews from others that it was an amazing product and sadly I don't feel like I can agree or attest to that statement. After using it, it didn't absorb the oil as well as I would have liked it to, that's not to say it didn't at all, it just wasn't quite up to my standard or expectation. The feel of it in my hair unfortunately was the deal breaker, I feel like it made my hair feel dirty and made it difficult to run my fingers through it. The one thing I actually really liked about it was the scent, it was just a light, refreshing scent and I didn't find it to have a chemical scent and it wasn't too overwhelming. The size of this one is 150 ml and about $10.

LaCoupe Moisture Refresh Dry Shampoo

The scent of this one is really nice, light and refreshing (I feel like a broken record!). However, I did not fall in love with the formula of this one. It sprays out not as a powder texture, but almost as if I sprayed water on my head. It unfortunately took a lot of product to absorb the oil that was there, and since so much product was used it made my hair look dirty...so it was definitely counter-productive, at least to me. This one is also 150 ml and $8 in drugstores.

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo

I was actually quite disappointed in this product as I really really wanted to love it because I am a big fan of a few other Sexy Hair Concept products, unfortunately this was not one. I absolutely fell in love with the scent of the product and wish I could mix and match this scent with another dry shampoo because I love it that much. This product left no white residue or gray-ish looking residue on my black hair, which is great and is a definite up side. It did great at absorbing the oil, but it did leave my roots feeling a little sticky which I really didn't like. If I was out of my favourite dry shampoo, I would not hesitate to use this one. It's not horrible, it just isn't my favourite. This is also 150 ml and about $19.50, which I find to be pretty steep and is also one reason that I probably would not repurchase. I feel like it didn't live up to the $20 price tag.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

This, without a doubt, is my all time favourite dry shampoo brand. This is the first one I started using and I'm pretty certain it will be the last. Also, I'm positive Harry Styles uses this for his wonderful and luxurious curly hair (that I not so secretly love) so...high five Harry Styles, you have good taste...in beauty products. I have seen a lot of people that comment on the way it sprays and the fact that it is very white when you first spray it, and while that is true..it also depends on the distance away from your head at which you're spraying it. If you spray just a little farther from your head..you're set to go! I have never had an issue with a white residue (and I have black hair!) and it doesn't make my hair feel sticky or dirty. I spray it in, leave it for a few minutes and instead of massaging it with my fingertips, I massage it very lightly with my brush and it works wonderfully. I don't find that I need to use a ton of the product for it to have desired effect. The one (sort of) downside is that Batiste is a UK brand, so we here in Canadia don't get all the wonderful choices as shown in the image above. We have a few select choices that are available in our drug stores and they may not always be available. I pick it up for about $10 and it will last me a few months before I have to repurchase.  I have no real serious downside to this product, and I have and always will come back to it. I have not found anything better and I feel like my search is done. Batiste dry shampoo is 150 ml and about $12-$13. 

Hope this helps!

xox Rae

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27 December 2012

Oil Cleansing/MAC Cleanse Off Oil.

In previous posts, I have made no secret of the fact that I do not have perfect skin..far from it, actually! I do get breakouts, and those breakouts do leave nasty, bright red marks behind (for months!). I use a very long lasting foundation to keep those post-acne marks hidden and the most important thing I have learned in skincare is to properly and completely remove all traces of makeup at the end of  the night. The best way to completely remove all traces is to use an oil cleanser.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil is an amazing oil cleanser that contains Jojoba Oil, Wheat Germ Oil,  Rice Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and a few others. Most people are iffy on using oil to clean your skin, but in my opinion...oil cleansers are highly underrated. Oil is amazing at breaking down even the toughest waterproof mascara.

The beauty of MAC Cleanse Off Oil is that it contains Peg-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate, which for anyone who doesn't know is a chemical that's added to the oil so that when water is added..the oil will dissolve into a lotion. This allows the oil to wash off clean leaving no oily residue behind. Awesome, RIGHT?

I have used the OCM as well, but I find that I am almost always in a rush and far too busy to keep up with that method. It's easier and more convenient for the oil to just wash off clean. Personal preference, really.

In Canada, MAC Cleanse Off Oil retails at $34.00 and comes in a 150 ml sized bottle. My first bottle lasted me nearly a year and I used it pretty well everyday. The best thing about cleansing oils, is that you only need to use a small amount for it to do the job!

I take the majority of my makeup up with a makeup wipe and remove the rest with a little cleanse off oil. I absolutely LOVE LOVE this product. It works flawlessly and I highly recommend this product to anyone who uses heavier type foundations or anyone who uses sunscreen.

xox Rae.

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10 December 2012

Quick Dry Nail Polish!!

I am one of those people who need to sit for a good 45 minutes (and not move in the slightest!) after painting my nails because I would ruin them the minute I moved! Unfortunately, I am crazy impatient and I am not willing to sit still for 45 minutes..which meant that I need a quick, sure fire way to dry my nails!

1. Ice Bath

One really quick way of hardening that polish is to put your fingers into an ice bath!! The cold water and ice is what will harden that polish and dry it at lightning speed!


Using your blow dryer on the COLD setting will also harden your polish much quicker than air drying them!

I'm a busy girl with school and finding time to sit and wait for nail polish to dry is almost impossible! These 2 tips work great when I'm...well, when I'm just impatient!

Rae xox

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