25 April 2013

Nail Polish Canada's Generous Offer to Glymm Members!

I was contacted earlier today by Nail Polish Canada and earlier this week by Irene Kuan @ Metronews, regarding the Glymm fiasco that's been happening over the course of the last few months. If you haven't had a chance to read the article regarding the situation, you can do that here.

Nail Polish Canada has generously and graciously put together a special order for all Glymm members who were left high and dry and without their Glymm bags, when the company up and decided to shut their doors on their longtime deserving subscribers.

1) Anybody who was a Glymm box member at any point during the last 4 months qualifies.
Email with proof of membership (receipt, confirmation email, credit card statement etc.) to boxmeup@nailpolishcanada.com

Images from Nail Polish Canada

2) Within 24 hours we'll email you a coupon code to get this $25 value box for free!

Make sure to tell us if you want the Shocking Pink, Nova, or Towel Boy Toy version. (and give a backup choice too)

This awesome Anti-Glymm Box includes

1 x Choice of: China Glaze Shocking Pink, Nova (silver glitter), or Towel Boy Toy (blue)
1 x China Glaze For Audrey (best selling China Glaze ever!)
1 x Color Club In Theory
1 x White Nail File
1 x mini Seche Vite Top Coat
1 x mini Tend Skin

Note: The box is free, you don't need to order anything else. However standard shipping rules apply (basically order $25 of other items and everything ships free or it's only $3 shipping for just the box). Limited quantity available.

I sincerely hope everyone is able to get compensation for what they lost and I know some people lost more than others. Let me know in the comments if you were able to get your money back or if you're like me and were not as successful!

Have a beautiful night :)

xox Rae

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19 April 2013

Glymm goes under...

I have been completely MIA for quite a while, but I have been crazy busy with school and projects and tests that I have barely had time to sleep! However, I am done school next week and can finally get back into writing!

The last blog post that I wrote was when I had received probably my last Glymm box and it has been nonstop problems with them since (anyone who subscribes to Glymm knows!) and for the last month and a half or so, there has been no communication on Glymm's part with their subscribers and rumours that they have gone bankrupt. Whether this was truly the case or not, I'm not sure. However, Glymm has finally, after a month, announced that they will no longer be able to serve us as Glymm.


There goes my money.

I am totally and completely unimpressed at the entire situation and disappointed in Glymm's lack of business ethics. Despite the fact that you are and have been going under for this long, despite the fact that you have had absolutely no communication to subscribers for weeks and the fact that you've failed to provide a product that was purchased back in the first week of FEBRUARY....you STILL continue to charge customers for MAY, knowing you can't provide what they're buying.

what the heck?

I can't say I didn't see this coming, because who didn't? Their customer service started slipping, the products got worse and worse as the months wore on and I was becoming less and less impressed with the company.

Everyone who has invested in Glymm and have purchased year memberships, I advise you to contact your credit card company immediately. They have now announced that they can no longer provide the product you purchased, so 1 year subscribers are now able to start claims in attempts to receive their money back.

I sincerely hope everyone is able to get back what they put in. This isn't fair, but it's life.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day everyone, keep smiling :)

xox Rae

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