22 August 2013

Nivea Mattifying Day Care Review | Mattifying Moisturizers for Oily Skin

An image of Nivea Aqua Effects Mattifying Moisturizer

I came across Nivea Mattifying Day Care Moisturizer while I was travelling and working at another location and really contemplated this product. I generally don't use many drug store skincare or moisturizers, but this one caught my attention.  My first choice was La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat, but I wanted to try a few other mattifying moisturizers before.

I really don't know what's worse..oily skin or dry skin. I imagine that both are pretty difficult at dealing with and there is no certain way of dealing with either.  Some products work for some and not others. This, however, is just life. On this blog, in different seasons..you will see products for both as my skin is just like the weather, and is the polar opposite during different seasons. My skin is never just one type. Whose is, really?

Just as I have to find foundations that work WITH my skin and not against it, I have to find skincare that does the same, and that's a pretty difficult feat for me.

Mattifying day care was $9.99 here in Canada and is 50 mL of product. For using a pea sized amount on a daily basis, this moisturizer should last quite a while. It's made specifically for those with combination to oily skin and is suppose to moisturize and control shine.

An image of Nivea Aqua Effects Mattifying Moisturizer

Anyone with a sensitivity to fragrance, should stay MILES, STATES...EARTHS, away from this product. It has a very strong fragrance when you put it on and sometimes it even makes my eyes water. I am not a big fan of fragrance in my skincare products and 99% of the products I use, have no fragrance at all.

This product is part of Nivea's Aqua Effect line and that's what it feels like going on, water. It's so smooth going on and absorbs quickly into the skin. If I use the correct amount (a pea size, this goes for all moisturizers) then it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy, but if too much is used it will leave a greasy feeling.

An image of Nivea Aqua Effects Mattifying Moisturizer

This product is oil-free, and hasn't seemed to break me out (bonus!). I have been using it for about month now and have had no breaks that I would connect with this product. It has somewhat reduced my oiliness during the day but unfortunately, not by any significant amount. It is very warm here and my oily skin is the worst in the summer, so I may have found a product that works much better in the winter/colder months than in the warmer months. I don't really have dry skin in the warmer months, so I can't attest to how well this moisturizes. When the weather changes and my skin changes, I will review this product again and see how it holds up in the colder months!

Have a beautiful day! :)

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18 August 2013

My week in Instagrams!

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Foundation for Oily Skin | Pur Minerals Review

I recently posted a blog about the reformulation of Revlon Colorstay Oily/Combination Foundation which you can read here. This led to my search for a new foundation that would work well with my oily skin. I have a very hard time treating my oily skin, and have yet to find a successful way to do so, so I make deal. Unfortunately, most liquid foundations are too moisturizing for me and either made it too greasy or they sit on the few dry patches of skin I have from all my acne treatment.  So I had to find a product that would sit nice with both oily/dry skin. This led me to..

PUR MINERALS 4 in 1 Pressed Mineral Makeup

an image of Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation
Photo from the Pur Minerals Official Website

I have been very curious about liquid-to-powder, cream-to-powder and just plain powder foundations lately and this mineral pressed foundation works great at reducing oil during my busy days.

I chose to go with this product, because it's pressed and I can't be bothered with a loose powder, as it causes too much of a mess. I chose Pur Mineral products as my first mineral foundation because the brand does not use nanoparticles in their products.

This product is $21 here in Canada for 8 grams of product. This is said to be a 4 in 1 product, which includes your foundation, powder, concealer and sun protector all in one product. I love this product. The matte finish of this product makes my skin look so flawless and I fell in love with the way that it looked the minute I used it. When you use enough product, it does cover fairly well, granted...I do still need to use concealer underneath.

The staying power is perfect for my oily skin, and after a few hours the foundation still remained with very little oil coming through. I didn't find it to fade or disappear nearly as quickly as my good ol' Colorstay!

This product did not irritate my skin or break me out at all, my skin is a little less sensitive than most...all my acne issues are actually hormonal and I generally don't break out from MOST products.

This product comes in 10 different shades:

Blush Medium
Golden Medium
Light Tan
Medium Dark
Golden Dark

The shade that I had purchased was Light, and it matches my skintone perfectly! This is very rare, it almost never happens!

I did not find this product to transfer at all, on to my clothes or when I touch my face (as I tend to do quite often, oops!). AWESOME!

Now, the downside that I found to this product and it may be the reason that I choose not to repurchase is how fast I go through it. I have found that I can't use this alone as a foundation, because in order to get enough coverage to hide most of my hyper-pigmentation and even out my complexion, it requires me to use more product and I found that I go through this much too quickly because of this.

So, as beautiful as this product makes my skin look...I will probably try out a few more options before I repurchase this one again.

However, for those of you who do not have much to hide and already have an even complexion, this is a highly controllable foundation and it's completely up to you how much coverage you would like. I definitely recommend this product to all those girls with oily/combination skin. It goes on smooth, evenly and doesn't highlight and cling to dry patches. It's wonderful!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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12 August 2013

Review: Revlon Lip Butters Spring 2013

Hello lovelies :)

I have been, for lack of a better word, OBSESSED with the Revlon Lip Butters since they came out. There was so much hype surrounding this product when they came out and for me, that just hasn't died down.

I know that I am late in posting this, I've missed spring by a long shot (longer if you go by the weather, it's felt like fall here for almost a month!) but I picked up a few of the new spring/summer shades and just HAD to share my love for them with you all!

Image of Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya

The new limited edition shades were absolutely gorgeous colours and I could NOT resist buying a few.

The new shades that I had bought were:

Juicy Papaya
Wild Watermelon

An image of Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon

For me, in the summer these are amazing products..keep in mind, I said in the summer. Since it's so humid where I am in the summer...my skin isn't quite so dry, neither are my lips, so the moisturizing aspect is a little less important to me. However, in the winter, these don't go on nearly as nice because it's extremely hard to keep my lips hydrated. The colour on these ends up clinging to my dry lips and then it starts peeling.

BUT IN THE SUMMER....these are my favourite <3 nbsp="">

Side note: I apply chapsticks and lip balms like it's going out of style during the day...I don't particularly look for the staying power in these products, so the lasting power of these on me..is about one hour or two. If I'm looking for staying power, I'll use a lipstick or balm stain.

I did a swatch for the shades that I currently have, I wanted to wait until there was more natural light (or natural light AT ALL) which apparently isn't happening. I wrote this blog at night and it's been cloudy and rainy the last few days. They are in the same order as the picture above.

An image of Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet

What's your favourite shade in the Revlon Lip Butter line of products?

Have a BEAUTIFUL day lovelies xox


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