6 January 2014

Sonia Kashuk Mattifying Primer | Product Review

Let me start this review out by saying that I can always find a positive in any product, no matter what it is..generally products don't just work for my skin because I am oily and acne prone - choosing the wrong product, or a product that won't compliment my skin is nothing against the product.

Having said that, this mattifying primer that I purchased about a month ago by Sonia Kashuk is probably the absolute worst product that I have tried to date - this is even worse than the umpteen brands of dry shampoo's that I have tried..and didn't work for me.

I had been on a search for a mattifying primer, and the one I had been using previously has mysteriously disappeared from stores - with no SA having any idea why. I stumbled on this online one day and the reviews were okay, so I figured I'd give it a try - I figured, even if I didn't like it, I would still probably use it up and just not repurchase.

My first gripe with this product was the consistency which is that of Smashbox's Photo Finish Original primer. The only (physical) difference between the both was the texture. Sonia Kashuk's seemed to be a little heavier and I have used both. Putting the Sonia Kashuk on, I could immediately tell the difference as this one doesn't settle properly on your skin and it quickly becomes greasy. The Sonia Kashuk Mattifying primer did anything but mattify my skin, the exact opposite actually. After a few hours, my face looked like an oil-slick - a dirty, nasty, greasy oil-slick - with foundation sliding down my skin. Boy, was it attractive!

I have used this product exactly once and I will probably never be using it again, the packaging won't allow it. This leads me into gripe #2:


Regardless of whether or not I would use it...It would have been nice to be able to show the consistency of the product for you.

There are 3 things wrong with the packaging of this product:

1. The pump is cheap and does not work.
2. There's NO other way to get the product out.
3. It's a hard plastic bottle - you can't even cut it to get at the product.

Essentially, short of breaking the bottle - I'm screwed. 

If you want to use a pump - that's great, give me another way to get the product out on the off chance something breaks - after 2 uses.

Even if I had actually LIKED the product, I wouldn't repurchase solely due to the packaging.

I only paid $15 and that's not what upsets me, it's the logic - I'm supporting your brand by purchasing and this is how you deliver.

I can't even give the product the benefit of the doubt due to their own horrible packaging - that's a loss.

Like I said, I can generally find a positive about any product but with this one I have exactly zero positive things to say.

I did not like the product and I did not like the packaging and the combination of that - total miss for me.

Worst product of 2013, by far and I am quite disappointed by it - I really wanted to like it.

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