10 December 2012

Quick Dry Nail Polish!!

I am one of those people who need to sit for a good 45 minutes (and not move in the slightest!) after painting my nails because I would ruin them the minute I moved! Unfortunately, I am crazy impatient and I am not willing to sit still for 45 minutes..which meant that I need a quick, sure fire way to dry my nails!

1. Ice Bath

One really quick way of hardening that polish is to put your fingers into an ice bath!! The cold water and ice is what will harden that polish and dry it at lightning speed!


Using your blow dryer on the COLD setting will also harden your polish much quicker than air drying them!

I'm a busy girl with school and finding time to sit and wait for nail polish to dry is almost impossible! These 2 tips work great when I'm...well, when I'm just impatient!

Rae xox

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