30 June 2012

Essie - Grow Stronger Fortifying Treatment Base Coat (Review)

I, at one point, had very bad eyesight, pretty well blind as a bat and wore contacts for very many years. Finally, last year I decided to take the plunge and got laser eye surgery! It went very well for anyone wondering.

Anyone with contacts (and is a klutz that has a tendency to poke themselves in the eye) knows that long or acrylic nails are quite difficult when removing contact lenses. My laser eye surgery meant that I know longer had to worry about that and was free to get my acrylics back!

Unfortunately, I ended up (accidentally) ripping one of the nails off and BOY did that hurt. Eventually, I just got somewhat lazy and ripped them all off. I regret that very much.

After that my nails got very weak, and very soft. In an attempt to strengthen up my nails I tried the very famous Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, which sadly did absolutely nothing in terms of nail strength.

The next product I tried was Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat and this is absolutely my HG nail care product. Without a doubt. I use this base coat every time I use a new colour. It has done absolute wonders for my weak and brittle nails. Thanks to Essie, my nails are back to their healthy state and growing long!

I definitely recommend this product if you have soft or weak nails. It has a very slight, almost sheer colour. I often like to wear it just by itself as it gives a healthy glossy look to my nails.

This is definitely a winner and Essie has yet to disappoint me.

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