10 May 2013

Topbox Beauty Box Review!

Good Morning to my lovely readers!

Woke up to a lovely, unexpected surprise this morning! I got my Topbox in the mail! :)

I was originally going to make this blog an unboxing, but I figured that it will be far too long to do both in one, so after this one I will be doing an unboxing!

One thing I want to say first, is just regarding Topbox as a company. As most of you reading this probably know from an earlier blog that I had been having crazy issues with Glymm and just recently found out that they have decided to close their doors and stop serving their dedicated subscribers. I was a little disappointed in that and considered dropping the whole beauty box subscription service all together. I am so glad that I didn't make the decision to do so.

Topbox is an absolutely wonderful company and I have had absolutely no problems with the company, the products or the service so far. I purchase my boxes, they are not given to me and this is my own honest opinion (as always!). My boxes are always charged the first week of the month and delivered promptly during the second week. If ever there is a delay, Topbox actually communicates with their subscribers to let them know. This is something that Glymm struggled with for a long time. Payments were charged 2 months in advance and shipping was delayed till the very last day of the month. There was no consistency with Glymm. You were always left in the dark and they continued that in fine fashion right up until the day they closed their doors.

The products you receive I feel are definitely worth the money I spend and every once in a while they give you a choice on whether or not you want products they select or a privé box - which is essentially a box with  all of the same brand products, I have received so far a Clinique Privé and a Benefit Privé. I love this idea because there are some brands that I love and want to try a ton of their products and I think this is a great way for subscribers to have a choice in what they receive.

If you're looking at subscribing to a beauty subscription service in Canada, I would definitely consider Topbox! I highly recommend it and I've been through a lot of subscription companies.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day :)

xox Rae

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