17 January 2013

Product Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze

I have been lusting over these Color Tattoo's for literally ages and I built them up so much in my mind before they came out. I was hesitant in purchasing Bad to the Bronze because to me, the colour isn't appealing. It just looks like a muddy brown, but don't let that fool you. This is the most gorgeous colour I have ever seen on. It's shimmery, bright and just overall gorgeous looking.

After using this product, there is only one thing that threw me off a little bit and it was the staying power.  I had to work with this product to try and find a method in keeping it from creasing and fading. I have pretty oily eyelids and not using primer is not an option for me if I want my eyeshadow to remain in place. I use Urban Decay Primer Potion and it works absolute wonders with most eye makeup and sometimes I have to layer it up to get the desired staying power of certain products.

The first time I had used this product, I used it alone without any shadow accompanying it. I had only used one layer of Urban Decay PP as I do most often, and I got maybe 4-5 hours of wear before it started to crease and fade. EEK! I was not ready to write this product off that quickly - I am much too in love with the colour. So the next time I used it, I used a little more primer and at the suggestion of a friend of mine..used a little translucent powder to set it. This worked wonderfully!

If I choose to wear it as a base and a light shadow over top, I got at least 9-10 hours of wear and when I got home from school, there was no creasing and no fading!

In Canada, this product runs about $10.00 and is 4 grams. You only need very very little product to get the desired effect because this product has such great color payoff, so this little jar will last a long time. It's quick, easy and always looks gorgeous. It's perfect for me when I'm constantly running out the door to be on time for my 8 am classes! 

Also, I really REALLY dislike that Canada is so limited in the colours that Maybelline offers. I know that in the states they have Pink Gold available and we don't have it here, which I really want to try but I have to wait until I can make a trip to the US to pick it up. That's a downside, not to the product...but just to living in Canada. :)

xoxo Rae

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