22 January 2013

Physicians Formula Neutral Palettes in CANADA!

I was in the states a few months ago and I picked up a PF Neutral Palette for about $7.00 (compared to $18.00 in Canada) and I absolutely fell in love with it. I have a review for it coming up so keep an eye out!

I was just walking through the drugstore yesterday afternoon and I wish you all could have seen the almost comical way in which my eyes LIT UP when I saw 4 NEW neutral palettes from Physicians Formula. ERMAHGERD! I promise I will never say that again. I am SO incredibly stoked to try these!

Physicians Formula Classic Neutral Palette

Physicians Formula Natural Neutral Palette

Physicians Formula Warm Neutral Palette

Physicians Formula Smoky Neutral Palette

There is probably a little bit of overlap with these 5 palettes, but all the same I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on these. I love and use the regular neutral palette almost every day and they just look amazing on and they blend really well.

I took a trip to the states this passed weekend only to find out that the area that I went had none of these palettes. I was quite disappointed that I wasn't able to get my hands on them yet!

More shockingly, I went to a Walgreens and they had no PF available AT ALL!?! I was hoping to pick up a tube of PF Conceal Rx since we don't have it available anywhere in my city and wasn't able to find it in any of the stores that I looked in. All over disappointing trip for Physician's Formula. 

I am still SO SO SO crazy excited to get my hands on these!

xoxo Rae

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