23 January 2013

Product Review: Physicians Formula Neutral Palette

I  had been eyeing this palette for quite sometime in our drugstore here in Canadia, but chose not to purchase it because it is quite small and for the size, I think it's quite pricey. In Canada, it's about $18 and I was iffy on that because I had never used their eye shadows before.

I was in the states a few months ago and saw this at Target for only $8.00! I knew I had to get it, so I picked it up with a few other things.

I have been using this palette for months and I LOVE it so much. This is definitely my favourite neutral palette at this moment in time. These shadows go on smooth, and they have amazing color payoff! They're shimmery and great for day or night wear. You can lighten it up or darken however you prefer. The great thing about Physicians Formula palettes is that they are wet/dry application - wet for a more intense, dramatic effect and dry for a more softer look. This allows me to use the black colour on the far left as a liner, by simply dampening a liner brush and applying it to my waterline. I have oily skin and find it very difficult for eyeliners to stay put and this does the job well.

The one thing that I dislike about these palettes is the size of shadows (little more than half a cm). Some are bigger than others, and for the tiny ones it's a little difficult to use without mixing it with the colour on the other side.

They have recently come out with 4 more new palettes that I have so far only found available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart. I made a trip to the states and was unable to find these at either Target or Walgreens, which I was really disappointed in. I'm generally used to products coming out in the states first.

Definitely found a winner, though I have to take off points for the varied size of shadows!

Rating: 4/5

xoxo Rae

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