8 January 2013

Product Rave: Bioderma - Sensibio H2O

I have been wanting to try Bioderma Sensibio H2O for a really long time because I am very, for a lack of better words, anal compulsive about removing makeup. I am very acne-prone and my skin gets the oilies like mad! I find that if I fail to completely remove my cake face (Just kidding! Seriously though, Revlon Colorstay is sometimes hard to remove) the night before, I will almost always wake up with a break out. Who wants that?! Not I!

Just to try it, I bought a sample size at my local drug store (pretty much on a whim!) and boy am I glad I did! This product is one of very few Holy Grail products for me. They don't come around too often, but when they do...it's AH-MAZING!

I purchased the one for Oily/Combination skin and it comes in a blue bottle, similar to the sensitive version. I disliked only 1 thing about this product and I don't consider it to be a deal breaker for me because I loved the performance of the product that much more.

I really did not enjoy the scent of this product, it's not horrible but I certainly don't find it to be pleasant. Still not a deal breaker...who needs their face to have a nice scent anyways?

On to the positive!

I don't solely rely on Bioderma to remove all of my face makeup because realistically, it would probably take too much product. I do, however, use it if I haven't been wearing makeup and just need to quickly clean my face.  I do still use my MAC Cleanse Off Oil to remove the majority of my makeup. If I'm in a rush, lazy or just far too tired, instead of washing my face...I will put a little of the Bioderma on a cotton pad and wipe my skin to make sure I've removed any remaining residue.

This product is soap-free so it's a great substitute when my skin is feeling a little bit dry and using my normal cleanser doesn't feel appropriate. It does not need to be rinsed which is a major bonus when it comes to convenience, especially for an 'always on the go' girl like me!

This product is a little pricey but you use so little of it that it will last such a long time, so it's worth it!

The absolute best thing about this product is that it does NOT break me out. I highly recommend this product! It's absolutely fabulous.

xoxo Rae.

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