14 May 2013

Target Haul and TAYLOR SWIFT!

Good morning lovelies :)

I hope everyone is having a good morning so far!

I went to the states last week to do a little shopping and believe it or not, if I hadn't taken pictures for this blog..I wouldn't be able to remember what I bought! LOL

I picked up the Not Your Mothers brand dry shampoo to give it a try and the Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray because I was curious and wanted to give it a try! I think by now you all know that I have a thing for dry shampoos..I have to try all of them! I have so far only stuck with Batiste, it's my favourite and I haven't found one that's better. So maybe this one will be a winner! I am going to be doing a fair bit of travelling this year and spending a lot of time at the beach and the sea salt spray is an easy way to tame my hair and make it cute when I'm in a rush. 

As for Olay, I'm really not usually an Olay buyer..I haven't bought one of their products in ages but I am a marketer's dream (and my own worst enemy!) because the package is what sold me. It's so cute and I have crazy oily skin so I wanted to see how this worked, what it felt like and if it actually reduced the oiliness in my skin..even though I know my oily skin is caused by internal issues.

As for the foundation, I am constantly trying to find that amazing foundation for my skin and sadly this one definitely wasn't it. I have crazy oily skin a few hours after I apply foundation and the finish of this foundation does not suit my skin type at all. I will be sticking to Revlon Colorstay for now! It's my go to foundation and I do absolutely love it!


I went to see Taylor Swift last weekend at Ford Field and it was AMAZING! She did so fantastic and I got to see Ed Sheeran again. He is absolutely my favourite artist and he's phenomenal live! I couldn't have asked for a better night :)

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

xo Rae

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